Environmental Awareness – Be the change!

~ Begin with the Self ~

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to ‘Be the change we wish to see in the world’ and how important this is now, more than ever. Being environmentally friendly is simply put a way of living; it is a mindset; it is asking ourselves before each decision we take ‘how will this affect the Planet and the Life that inhabit it?’ We have traded the health of the Planet for the convenience of human life, as if the Planet belonged to us. From the Earth we came, and to the Earth we will go. If the place we reside in has become polluted, maybe we take a step back and ask ourselves, have we become polluted as well? The outside is merely a reflection of the inside. Our bodies and minds have become polluted therefore our Earth is also polluted and only until we decide to make a true change within ourselves will we see true change within the world.

As I realize more and more the interconnectedness of all life I become more bewildered as to how we let ourselves get to this point – to the point where our oceans are filled with plastic and waste, where animals are found with pounds of trash in their bodies, and the lack of respect we have adopted as a mindset for Mother Earth. We have gotten ourselves into this mess together and together we must take responsibility for cleaning it up. We must educate and inspire not only others but also ourselves in the quest to take care of the land we live in, until every decision we make supports this, until it becomes like a 6th sense. There will not always be someone watching us, telling us what to do and how to be environmentally conscious and for that reason I say we must educate and inspire ourselves. The same way we create harmful habits over time that become seemingly natural to us, we can also create habits that have a positive impact until this becomes ingrained in us. One of my favorite quotes by Indian Public Speaker, Osho, is “The more consciousness you practice, the more conscious you become. And a moment comes when you become pure consciousness.”

Begin simple; take actions you know you will be able to complete consistently and make an effort to stay true to it everyday. Buying a reusable water bottle, maybe 2, one for you and someone you care about. Commit to bringing it with you everywhere, kindly refusing water in plastic bottles and plastic cups (which can even leach microplastic particles into your beverages and food)! This lets businesses and other people know that we are seriously committed about plastic alternatives, not using single use items, and taking care of the Planet! Turn off lights when you leave rooms/ the house; unplug electronics from walls (not only to conserve energy, but lots of science coming out with evidence of how EMF interfere with our own energy field!); start a compost pile and put all organic food scraps/waste into it, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, yard waste, coffee grounds, black and white newspaper, cardboard; buying reusable produce bags and grocery bags for grocery shopping, a set of reusable cutlery, loose leaf items such as loose leaf tea, produce at the store without plastic packaging and only buying items in glass jars (which can then be reused too!); making own shampoo/conditioner/soap; making, finding, or buying clothes that are ethically made. These are just a few ways. Let’s get creative and share what we know and what we can do to help with each other!! By refusing to buy and use items that are covered, packaged, etc. in plastic we make a statement to businesses and distributors that we no longer will take convenience over the health of the Earth and of life. While at one point we didn’t know or understand the implications of plastic and single use items, we now have an abundance of research showing the detriments of its usage. No need for despair. Knowledge is power – with this knowledge we can choose to make more informed and mindful environmental and health conscious choices that support life in all forms!

I am nowhere near perfect in this endeavor but overtime I have noticed the change in my own mindset where I always ask myself ‘is what I am doing contributing negatively or positively to the environment?’ This may seem tedious, but is part of retraining the mind and overtime the analyzing will fade and it will become natural to choose what will support the environment and all life. We are all in this together, not alone, but together. Here to encourage and help one another, to learn and to grow, because it’s not simply about us as the individual, it’s about the collective, but the individuals make up the collective therefore we start with the self and move from there. We find our center and live from that place, creating a ripple effect of awareness around quitting single use items and using sustainable resources that don’t cause harm to our Earth or the health of the life inhabiting it. The drop mirroring our own actions, the ripples being the potential impact every action makes, and emphasis on even the smallest action having great impact on the world, internally and externally. One droplet of water creates an infinity of ripples around it’s center; even the smallest droplet of water affects the whole body. We, too, have this same power and impact on the world and the people around us. May we wield it with conscious awareness, with love, with compassion for all.

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